Fashion Fave: Tom Linares
Liz Kleppinger, Sophomore

The hallways of Emmaus High School are filled with over 2,000 students, but some stand out from the crowd. For some, the bland hallways are more like a fashion runway in training.

Senior Tom Linares walks the halls as if they are New York City Fashion District streets.

Tom Linares

Tom Linares

In the future Linares sees himself living in the city and becoming a fashion designer.

“For right now I plan on going to community college for two years, and then afterwards I plan on applying to a big fashion school like Fashion Institute of Technology,” Linares said.

Linares aspires to become a designer for a high-end brand, eventually break out from there, and create his own clothing company with original designs. For now he is repurposing clothing pieces.

“I do it [fashion repurposing] for people in the school, and I charge them,” Linares said.  “I’ll charge someone $10 to edit their pants, make them skinnier, or make holes, or add zippers to them, stuff like that. Like I charge them and then I do it and give it to them.”  

Tom Linares describes his style as classy-edgy. His main style icons are A$AP Rocky and YSL’s creative director, Hedi Slimane.

“I don’t really have a favorite place to shop,” Linares said. “My favorite high fashion brand is Saint Laurent. As for regular store, I like Asos.”

If money wasn't a problem, the first piece he would buy is Saint Laurent’s leather jacket. But since he is a high school, money doesn't grow on trees.

“I just go to thrift stores, buy stuff, and edit them,” Linares said. “As long as they [clothes] are cheap, I can create things however I want.”

Linares’s favorite pieces to buy are jackets or any second layer.

“I feel like that’s what makes the outfit stand out,” Linares said. “Cause you can have a regular tee and jeans and then transform it with a jacket.”  

Music is his main inspiration and influence.  

“Music helps me get motivated,” Linares said. “At the end of the day, music and fashion go back to back. Whats a fashion without music? Who makes fashion popular? The musical artists.”