Switchback Pizza Company

Willow Munson, Freshman

Perfect for a date night, hanging out with friends and family, or even just to spend some time by yourself, Switchback Pizza is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your choice of amazing Neapolitan pizza, salad, dessert, or drink.


The pizza is cooked in an Italian wood oven. The crust is crisp at the bottom, yet chewy and airy. The key to their crust is they slow-cold ferment the dough, meaning the dough is placed in the fridge for two days, creating better tasting dough. My personal favorite Switchback pizza is the Margherita, but my family enjoys the Veggie Lovers, Blue Moon, and Happy Pig. I also always love to try their weekly special. Not a big pizza person? Try their salads. I love the Burst of Sun: mixed baby greens, gorgonzola, cranberries, roasted sunflower seeds, and homemade balsamic dressing.  If you need a drink suggestion I recommend Switchback’s Pink Lady hibiscus tea and lemonade. The full menu can be found on their website, http://www.switchbackpizza.com/.


The owners, Andrew and Marguerite, decided to create Switchback Pizza Company after living in Italy for two months. They fell in love with wood-fired pizza and the local farms. Most of the ingredients used in their food are from local farms around Emmaus, adding to the pizza’s flavor and look.

Why Should You Go?

Switchback Pizza’s pizza is not your average cheesy, greasy pizza. It's tasteful and classy. Switchback Pizza is less than a block away from the Emmaus Theatre, so it’s perfect for a nice dinner and a movie.

    If you need a quiet place to study or just hang out, you can grab a cup of coffee at Switchback and enjoy their free wifi. I find the atmosphere calm and relaxing.

    When the weather is warm, their patio is delightful to sit on. There is a small garden where they get some of their fresh herbs they cook with, and umbrellas to block the sun.

    Besides the food, the service and people are my favorite part of eating at Switchback Pizza.  Andrew and Marguerite, the owners of Switchback Pizza Company, are kind, accommodating, and hilarious.

Hours: Wednesday 11:30-8pm

Thursday 11:30-8pm

Friday 11:30-8pm

Saturday 11:30-8pm

Sunday: At the Emmaus Farmer’s Market every weekend (April-December.)


Address: 525 Jubilee, Emmaus PA

Phone Number: 610-928-0641

Website: http://www.switchbackpizza.com/

Courtesy of http://www.switchbackpizza.com/