Olivia Riccio, Senior

As I scrolled through my social media the day after Halloween, I was looking to see my friends’ costumes, but instead I discovered something much worse--posts about Christmas.

    Before I begin telling you why I find this completely absurd, let me clarify something; I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I adore the lights, the sweaters, the treats, decorating, everything-- you name it. So before you mumble ‘Scrooge’ or ‘Bah Humbug,’ know that I am not anti-Christmas. I am just against the whole ‘Christmas starts in November’ thing.

    I understand why people want to immediately start celebrating the holidays, but if we start celebrating so early, you rush the joy of the season! People completely skip over Thanksgiving, trashing their jack-o-lanterns and hanging their stockings. I happen to love Thanksgiving. I think it’s a quality holiday.

There’s a ton of food, a ton of company, and it reminds you what you’re thankful for in life. What’s not to like? It’s literally a holiday dedicated to stuffing your face with food. Why not take the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving to relax, and not rush into Christmas?

    I live by the ‘begin celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving’ rule. The few days after Thanksgiving, I’m all for the Christmas shopping and songs on the radio. But I ease into it! I don’t  head to the nearest tree farm to get a tree or feel the need to hurry out and buy everyone presents.

I believe that celebrating Christmas should be done in moderation, just like eating your Halloween candy. Have a little here and there, but not sit down on the couch and eat it in one sitting. Instead of going all out and getting everything done for Christmas in one sitting, put a few decorations up here and there, and buy a gift every once and awhile. Don’t rush it!

    I know it’s good not to procrastinate, but in this case, you’ll have too much of a good thing. Christmas is a holiday that should be appreciated, but it doesn’t have to be overdone. Don’t let the hype of commercials and social media make you think you’re behind on your Christmas preparation; there’s only so much you can do. We have to deal with school, jobs, family, and friends in addition to completing our holiday goals.

Christmas shouldn’t be a time of hustle and bustle and stress, but gradual and relaxing preparation for a holiday that you look forward to. I always find that the holidays are a stressful time for my family and friends; they get so tense thinking about the long list of things to get done. And so do I, of course. But it’s impossible to get it all done right away.

You just have to take it one day at a time. Fit celebrating and preparation into your schedule in a way that allows you enough time to get it done, while still enjoying yourself. My advice to you: just focus on one holiday at a time. No need to rush. Just enjoy it as it nears, and I think you’ll be glad you did!