Fit and Fab

Samantha Meyer, Junior

With the sun making it’s way into the April sky as Spring arrives, you may find yourself wanting to improve your fitness! If your normal routine just isn't cutting it anymore, this list of some new, fun ideas and tips will help you feel great!

Grab a friend next Sunday morning and head over to one of Lululemon’s complimentary yoga classes! Class times vary at different store locations; however, at Lehigh Valley Mall, Lululemon pushes aside clothing racks to host free yoga classes every Sunday at 10am. Each week a different yoga instructor from the Lehigh Valley area comes in, so you get a wide sampling of different teaching styles with each returning week! Not only is the free-of-charge aspect encouraging, but working out with friends in general is a great motivation booster. Why just burn calories when you can also catch up with your bff?

Want to try something different? Head over to Antigravity Yoga Lab in Emmaus to do aerial yoga. It is on the pricier side, but it’s something different and totally worth a try.

Drink up! Each day a person should be drinking half his or her body weight in ounces of water. Although this may sound like a stretch, proper hydration has many benefits including high energy levels, smooth skin, and even hair and nail growth. Good water intake will also prevent cramping during exercise. Failure to drink enough water leads to tiredness and food cravings.

Challenge yourself to put your phone down for the afternoon. Go soak up some much needed Vitamin C to earn that beautiful suntan and save yourself a trip to the salon! Make sure to wear sunscreen to keep yourself from getting premature wrinkles, sunburn, and skin cancer. Grab your sneakers and venture out to a new spot such as this one:

Peace Rock - Although jumping from the 40ft rock into the Schuylkill River is forbidden, taking a dip into the refreshing water is not! With a rope swing and numerous campgrounds, this place has a lot to do on a warm day.
Location: Hamburg, PA - After you take the exit towards Cabela's, make a right at the intersection with Wendy’s. Drive about a half mile until you hit the train tracks and immediately make a left. Then continue about a mile to the end of this road to find the trail.

When the day is done and you wanna grab some grub, try going the healthier route! Although fast food chains can be tempting, there are better options that are healthier and worthy of posting on Instagram or VSCO.

Baked* -  A quaint coffee shop specializing in salads, sandwiches, and treats with many organic, gluten-free, and vegan options. Right in the Emmaus Triangle!

Cafe Santosha* - Located inside the health food store, Healthy Alternatives, this new Trexlertown cafe serves organic food, primarily vegan.

Greenmouth* - This lovely juice bar and cafe is known to make the best smoothies right in front of you. Whether you want to customize one or choose from the wide variety on their menu, it is bound to be amazing! Offering lunches, breakfast, and treats, this cafe has both vegan and organic choices.

Lil Miss Organic* - While in the process of being certified both organic and gluten-free, this new shop makes both farmers and food lovers happy!

Saladworks - This salad bar takes pride in giving its customers the most assuring salad experience. Freedom never tasted so delicious and nutritious as customers create their own salads and enjoy the options.

“*” indicates that the cafe offers locally sourced & organic food

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.