Lauren Garcia, Freshman

There are so many great songs out that don’t get the attention that they deserve. Mainstream music is for the radio but a lot of great songs go undiscovered. It's time to change that, so here’s 10 songs that you’ve probably never listened to, but you need to!

Intro - the xx

    My friend showed me this song, and my first thought was “what the heck-- where are the words?” I slowly became obsessed with it as I listened to it more. The 10 hour version was on a continuous loop in my room, for a couple days, and I kept it playing in the background. It's also a good song to play when you are thinking about life.


10,000 Emerald Pools - BØRNS

    This song is actually my jam! You need to blast this song to get the full experience. It's upbeat that flows [I’m not sure what is meant here-- it is upbeat AND flows?]. The focus of the song is the backbeat, but the song does include lyrics which happen to be pretty catchy.


Heal - Tom Odell

    When this song comes on during study hall I just sit there pretending my life is some kind of sad music video. When you are not feeling great listen to this song. It will provide you with love and reassurance. If you don't like somber songs check out his other song “I Know.”

Daniel In The Den - Bastille

    Bastille is my favorite band EVER! If you ask me, the whole album is worth listening to. This song has the band’s typical style. I recommend listening with headphones.

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

    There are two kinds of people in this world: people who like Mumford and Sons, and people who don’t appreciate good music. I am just saying they write great music and I can’t believe they don’t have a bigger following. Mumford and Sons is primarily a folk band and this song is an upbeat spin on that genre.


King and Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men

    How does one describe the band Of Monsters and Men? I don’t think I can. This song is just something you need to listen to in order to get the full experience. A couple of years ago this song hit its peak but I believe it needs to be rediscovered. I just really love this song.

Unsteady - X Ambassadors

    When this song first came on Pandora, I honestly didn’t like it, but everything deserves a second chance. After that it has been stuck in my head on repeat. You probably recognize X Ambassadors from their new song “Renegades” which has been playing on the radio for months now. “Unsteady” is a completely different sound from the band but still includes their classic voices. It’s definitely a song that will have you singing along.


Iscariot - Walk The Moon

Contrary to popular belief, “Anna Sun” is not the only good song by this band. The harmonies in this song heal my heart. Life gets better when listening to this song. Iscariot doesn’t sound like any other Walk The Moon song, but I LOVE it. It has a slow chorus but it picks up with a repeating end.

Slip - Elliot Moss

I had never heard of this artist before coming upon this song on Soundcloud. You might have heard a portion of this song featured in the popular video of a couple dancing in a train station circulating on Twitter a couple months ago. It has such a unique sound and the backbeat is very prominent throughout the whole song. I recommend checking it out once or maybe more than twice. P.S. the album this song is featured on can be pre-ordered on iTunes now!

Oh Wonder - Drive

The artists Oh Wonder deserve so much more credit. “Drive” is a personal favorite, and I have to say it would be the perfect late night driving song. The togetherness of the male and female voices in this song create such an amazing sound. It features a strong string instrument playing in the back. Just listen to this tune once and I am guessing they will be on your favorites list.