Spring Fashion
Liana Lichter, Freshman

Spring has sprung and warmer weather is right around the corner! That means it’s time to transform your closet from sweaters and scarves to short sleeves and shorts. Along with a new season comes a ton of new cute outfits.

My first go-to outfit is a romper. Rompers are a great choice for when you want to look cute yet comfy. There are many variations of rompers. There are long sleeve, sleeveless, V-neck, mock neck, and they are made with a variety of materials and patterns. Instead of picking out a top and bottom, you have two in one!

Photos Courtesy of Liana Lichter

Photos Courtesy of Liana Lichter

Another great outfit for spring is simply jeans and a dressy, brightly-colored top. Jeans are still super nice to wear when the weather is not too hot, not too cold, and be cuffed to make them more appropriate for spring. Paired with a light colored shirt such as white or a pastel, this is the perfect outfit for those chillier spring days.

The last outfit idea is more on the dressy side. A sundress or a floral patterned dress is perfect for this season. You can always add a cardigan to your outfit to spice it up and keep you warm. With all of these outfits, accessories such as jewelry, purses, headbands, and footwear are a super quick and easy way to make your outfit stand out.