Liz Kleppinger, Sophomore

On Saturday, November 28th, sophomore Emory Eckenrode released her own clothing line called Gypsy Soul Outfitters.

Models from left to right: Rory Nicholls, Delaney Worley, & Emory Eckenrode

Models from left to right: Rory Nicholls, Delaney Worley, & Emory Eckenrode

The grand opening was hosted at the old Vera Cruz elementary school (5093 Vera Cruz Road, Emmaus, PA, 18049) from 10 am to 4 pm. Other than in the clothing pop-up shop, it will primarily be sold on the newly created website The company will still continue to be holding pop-up shops when places are available.

    Out of a batch of over 20 names, the clothing company became Gypsy Soul Outfitters.

“It took a really long time to decide what name to pick,” said Eckenrode. “It was one of the first names we wrote down and it just fit perfectly.”

Currently there are 11 pieces in the collection, including accessories, and the prices range from $12 to about $45. The line is a mix of Brandy Melville and Pacsun store style featuring her own twists. Emory went for trendy yet unique.

Growing up, she has always been exposed to the clothing industry in the family.

“My mom and aunt were in the retail and jewelry business for basically my whole childhood, so I was always around the atmosphere of it all,” said Eckenrode. “When my mom brought the idea up [of creating a clothing line] I was so down.”

As you can imagine, creating your own clothing line may be fun, but it is also a lot of hard work.

“[There was] lots of refining, going through catalogs, looking at trends, swatches of color, and constant change of mind,” said Eckenrode.

“I created the look and designs and outsourced them,” said Eckenrode.

Every clothing line starts as an idea and slowly but surely works its way up to becoming a well-known brand. Making it in the fashion industry is a challenge but it's the dream for Gypsy Soul Outfitters.

“The ultimate goal is to become a global brand and possibly have storefronts,” said Eckenrode, “and also continue to make more pieces and grow my brand.”