Liz Kleppinger, Sophomore

    Buzz board members along with six fabulous models took on our first photoshoot with a business in January at Aquarius Boutique. We had the chance to learn a little bit more about the store and its manager.

Buzz board and models posing with Aquarius manager.

Buzz board and models posing with Aquarius manager.

  Aquarius store manager, Joelle Haddad, started with the store since its last move to Allentown’s Artwalk, but the company is older than just a couple years. The company started as The Shoe Tree back in 1983 and is owned by George Haddad. During that time only shoes were sold in the store.

    “In 1997, clothing was added to the store which led to its name change in 2002 to Sage,” Haddad said. “In 2006, Sage moved locations to the Promenade Shops, in Center Valley, into a much bigger space.”

    As of August 2015, Sage moved into the revitalized part of downtown Allentown and split into three different stores: Sage, 7th & Sole, and Aquarius.

   “Aquarius brings the latest in boho, soho, and retro fashion,” Haddad said. “We believe that every woman should love herself and BE herself.”

  The store features pieces that touch a bit of every style and includes their own unique Aquarius brand. Haddad likes working in this atmosphere because of her love for clothing.

  “Whether I was dressing up my Barbie dolls or my younger sister, I was always drawn to fashion,” Haddad said.

  Joelle Haddad believes you should wear what you feel good in and follow your own trend.

  “That’s why I am so in love with this store because I feel it captures self love to the fullest through clothes,” Haddad said. “I’d say my style now is exactly what my store is, which is why this is a perfect fit for me.”

  “Fashion has been in my family since 1983, so this past summer when the opportunity came for me to become a part of it, I jumped without hesitation. I am one of the lucky people who can say I’m in love with what I do,” Haddad said.

  Her best advice for people trying to get into the world of fashion is to keep your love for fashion as your motivation.