Taking On Prom

Taking On Prom

Samiey Werst : grade 11

Taking on Prom

Preparing for Junior or Senior Prom can be very stressful, as I’ve heard from many people and am experiencing for myself.  Getting the perfect dress is a struggle for some girls just to start, and then you have hair, makeup, and shoes to consider on top of it.  Finding a date is not important in my mind, but for some, it’s another big deal. From my experience preparing for the big event, here are some tips to follow for the most stress-free prom.

The first thing I did was go out to get my dress.  Luckily, someone from Emmaus created an Instagram page that posted all the girl’s dresses to ensure that nobody ended up with the same dress.  I found mine at Macy’s in February, when I was just shopping around, saw the dress, and loved it right away. Finding the perfect dress seems stressful, but for me, the way to find it is just think about your first reaction when you see it either on the rack or on you! If you see it and think, “That is one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen!” then you should definitely try it on.  If it’s more of an “Eh” moment, the dress might not be the perfect one for you.

Hairstyles for prom vary depending on your dress, hair length, and what looks the best in your own opinion.  One major “rule” that I believe should be followed about prom hairstyles is that if your dress has a high or choker neckline, wear your hair in an updo!! Too much at the top of the dress distracts from having a balanced look.  If your dress is strapless, the hairstyle you choose could be down or up. Either would look really nice. If you are looking for a simple prom hairstyle, do something with braids (Possibly a half up - half down, a braid into a bun, waterfall braids, etc).  Make sure to book your hair appointment in advance, and don’t wait until the last minute to do anything prom related - it causes a lot of unwanted stress!

Makeup is the easiest to plan for.  All you have to do is match eyeshadow to your dress, or use complementary colors that create that “balanced” look once again.  Personally, for lips I would go for a nude color, so you don’t pop out too much. The goal is to have most of the focus on your dress! After all, it is your dress and yours only.

Shoes are one final part of your appearance that is fun to shop for but sometimes hard to find.  Shopping online before you go in different stores is the most stress free way. It gives you an opportunity to see what shoes the stores has, and of course if they’re even in stock.  I looked online to find some nice shoes before I went out to shop, and found the perfect pair at DSW. They were on sale too, making it a great deal. The sparkles on my shoes complement the sparkle belt on the front of my dress, also balancing out the glamorous yet sophisticated prom look.

Finally, getting your nails done for prom can also be a tough decision.  The simplest option is to get a French manicure, but other girls prefer to match their nails to their dress, which also looks good.  Both of those options are an easy choice for your nails to look nice and match well with the rest of your prom outfit.

Hopefully, with the simplest options and advice, your planning for Prom will be a lot less stressful!  I feel that these ideas helped me, and I ensure that these could work out for anyone else. Oh and one last thing. Don’t stress about a date!! Go with your girl friends, and if they have dates, invite someone else or just go as a big group.  I’m inviting one of my best friends who is in a different grade. Why stress about a date when you can have fun?! I’ve been looking forward to prom since I knew what it was. I want to make the most out of this night, and following these guidelines could help you enjoy it too.