Staple Pieces

Staple Pieces

Layne Shaffer Grade 9 (Model: Jade Poit)

Every wardrobe has their ripped jeans and basic tees, but every wardrobe also needs a few staple pieces that tie outfits together. This can be anything from a belt to a jacket. About a year ago I had a not so original idea of starting my own personalized denim jacket. Between patches and pins, I believed it could turn into quite the staple piece. After I purchased a denim jacket, I started collecting patches from various places- whether online or at travel destinations. The idea was to create something that was completely from “scratch” and would be completely unique to me.

pasted image 0.jpg

A lot of the patches came from a vacation I went on last summer to Las Vegas and the places I visited around there (ex. Route 66, Zion National Park). Other patches I purchased online from different stores. Some of the best places I found for patches included Brandy Melville, Urban outfitters, Vans, vintage websites, and smaller independently owned stores.


As I collected patches, I also collected enamel pins to put on the front of my jacket. These mainly came from smaller stores and thrift stores. The Honey pin is from Brandy Melville and the desert pin is from Earthbound. I also have one from American eagle, ones I found on online stores, and, of course, thrift stores. My favorite item that I have on my jacket is my Planet Hollywood pin that I got at a thrift store in Allentown for only $3. From this I learned that thrift stores really do have the best hidden gems.

All in all, this jacket is something I will continue to add to for a long time and will keep for even longer. I encourage other people to try to find something completely unique to add to your closet that can be styled many different ways and put on display. You never know what you may think of!