Men's Beards?

Men's Beards?
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By: Danny Halbrook

To beard or not to beard, that is the question. Among men, choosing whether or not to have facial hair is a crucial decision in your overall fashion choice. Deciding on whether or not to have facial hair will certainly affect how people perceive you to be. There are many different types of facial hair men can decide to go with. These can consist of the circle beard, royale beard, 3-day stubble and the chevron to name a few. I myself have chosen to keep a clean shave and not to show off any facial hair for the most part and on rare occasions grow out a very faint royale beard.

To help all of you guys out to decide whether or not you want to grow out your hair, I conducted a survey of 500 students whether or not they would prefer a guy with or without facial hair. Here are the results:

Yes: 79

No: 421

At the moment people at Emmaus really are not digging facial hair. It looks like right now you should really just stray away from wearing a beard at all. However, the choice is ultimately your own decision. If you really do want a beard Iā€™d suggest going for a 3-day stubble or a light royale beard for the moment.