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Zombie SFX Makeup

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Zombie SFX Makeup

Andee Korpics 10

Materials Used:

  • Spirit Halloween Scar Putty

  • Liquid Latex

  • Cotton Balls

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Scab Blood

  • Spirit Halloween Black Zombie Blood

  • Regular Fake Blood

  • Spirit Halloween Face Paint Palette

    • Colors: red, brown, white, black, green, and yellow

  • ABH Contour Palette

    • In the shade medium

    • All 3 of the bottom colors were used for shading

  • Morphe 35C Palette

    • The dark brown, black, and grey shade

  • Benefit Boiing Concealer

  • Brown Eyeliner

Before you start:

  1. If you have sensitive or very dry skin using liquid latex on your face might irritate your skin when you take the makeup off

  2. This can get a little messy so it is best to lay down paper towels or napkins, and wear an old shirt you don't mind getting dirty.

Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Outline where you want the cuts to be with a brown eyeliner or brow pencil

  2. In a small section, dab liquid latex over the line

  3. Rip a small piece off of the cotton ball and apply it to the liquid latex while it is still wet

  4. Add another layer of liquid latex over it

  5. Repeat this in SMALL SECTIONS until all of the cuts are outlined with liquid latex and cotton balls

  6. Optional: for texture, dab a small amount of liquid latex all over your face, but make sure to keep it away from your hair.

  7. On the inside of the cuts take small pieces of scar putty and put them on your cheekbones and nose to make it look like exposed bone.

    1. Pro-tip for scar putty: to get the best results, roll it in your hands a little bit first to make it easier to mold

  8. Color the scar putty with the white face paint & this may have to be repeated after you apply the fake blood

  9. To help the liquid latex scars blend in to cover them with a concealer that matches your skin tone

  10. Color in the cuts with a mixture of the black, brown, and red paint.

  11. With a gray or taupe shade, take a large brush and shade your entire face.

  12. With a black or dark brown/gray eye shadow take another large brush and sloppily color on and around your eyes.

  13. Near the cuts lightly add a mixture of the yellow, brown, and green paint to create bruise-like coloring.

  14. Generously cover the inside of the cuts with scab blood then do this again with the normal blood

    1. It's best to apply scab blood with a popsicle stick

  15. To add dimension, I put the black zombie blood where the cut would be deeper.

  16. Then with a smaller brush, I stippled normal blood around the cuts and dripped some down my face.

  17. Once everything was done I decided to add more shading to my face, so with a large brush, I lightly applied a brown eyeshadow over my entire face.

Clean up & Removal:

  1. First I took off all of the liquid latex scars off of my face

    1. It feels like peeling off a band-aid, so if you have sensitive or dry skin, I would recommend to try and wash it off instead.

  2. Then I peeled off all of the thin layers of liquid latex that I put all over my face

  3. With almost all of the liquid latex removed,  I took off most of the makeup with a makeup remover wipe.

  4. Finally, I washed my face with my    (a washcloth will also work) to get any excess makeup and latex off of my face.

If you try out this look I would love to see it! Dm me a picture of your finished look on my art Instagram account ( @akartxp)! ♡ ☺️