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Kylie Lip Kit Review

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Kylie Lip Kit Review
Mackenzie Christman, Sophomore

If you’re a lipstick addict, like yours truly, you know you’ve been itching to get a certain type of lipstick since November 29th of last year. The question is, are Kylie lip kits actually worth it? If it gives you any idea  where my opinion stands on them, I have seven of them.


    When the kits originally launched, almost every lipstick lover out there wanted one, whether they could afford it or not. In all honesty though, the lipsticks aren’t as much as you would think they are, they’re a lot more. Lip kits are advertised as $29, you’re thinking alright so $30 for a lipstick and liner, right? No, wrong. Shipping is an additional $8.99, which in my opinion is pathetic. I mean, it’s Kylie Jenner, making millions a year, you would think she has some money to spare. So beware, before you pull your money together to buy one, if you’re considering it, they’re actually $45. Fear not, her singles are still only $17, and liners at $14, reminder that they’re only limited to a few colors and not all shades are there yet. So in your head right now you’re probably thinking that hey, you’ll buy only the lipstick itself you don’t need a stupid lip liner. My advice is that yes, you actually do need it, that is, if you plan on wearing it and rocking it the whole day.

    Anyway, are they actually worth it? In my eyes, yes they are.

If you’re thinking about going out and getting a dupe, well, sweetie, it’s not. I’ve seen them all over in comparison to the lip kits themselves and ‘oh how similar they are!,’ but no they’re actually really off. I can 100% guarantee this, because I actually have a few dupes myself, without even knowing. Before I was into these lipsticks, my favorite kind were Maybelline. Two of the Maybelline matte lipsticks I have are claimed to be dupes of two Kylie lipsticks I have, which are extremely off in comparison. On another occasion, I had ordered my friend some Colourpop lipsticks for her birthday and ordered myself one as well, because it was labeled as a ‘22 lip kit dupe.’ I figured “Well hey, it’s only six bucks, and it says it’s a dupe; it can’t be that off. I’d rather spend this than spend another $45 and have the possibility of not even liking it and wasting that much money.” I ordered it, and it arrives less than a week later. Excited to go try it on to determine if I get the real deal or not, I open the package up and try it on in my bathroom. To my bewilderment, the lipstick looks like it’s a dark magenta color. I won’t judge, though, I know some lipsticks are like that, so I proceed to try it on. Nope. It still looks like a pink, and it wore off the second I ate lunch. Moral of the story, if you want a dupe, they’re most likely all off, or extremely off. Just save your money up for the real deal rather than wasting money on a dupe time and time again, risking the possibility of them being extremely off from the color you actually want.

I still have the dupes, however, I’ll always be loyal to any one of Kylie’s lip kits and buy those before anything.

My first purchase of one of the infamous lip kits by Kylie was Koko K. It was one of her biggest restocks, and I had wandered onto the site to talk about what colors I would buy if I could with my friend. To my surprise a lot of the colors were still in stock. It was obviously meant to be since I had enough money at the time, and the colors I liked were still in stock, for two hours straight. I searched millions of pictures of the colors I was deciding between and finally picked Koko K. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t home, I had no one to ask to use their credit card for this, and, of course, this was when some of the lip kits started going out of stock. I call my grandmother and ask, nope. I go and ask my grandmother who lives with us, another no. I decide to call my mom back again, and she finally answers, success. I order it, and the day it arrives, I rush up to my bathroom to try it on, as one would expect a lipstick lover to do. Being my first Kylie lip kit, I was ecstatic to try it on, and to even have it. I knew the lip kits were known for long lasting wear, and not to say that I doubted Kylie, but I did feel like it possibly would wear. Although, it actually stayed on really well.

What about the metals? Well, here’s my experience with King Kylie’s metals. Personally, I don’t like them. The only metal I have is Reign, and I’m willing to expand my metals with the exception of Heir. The color looked really pretty, and I had been dying to try it. My grandmother actually got it, and I have to say it looks great on her, so I figured, “Why not try it?” I tried it and honestly, I hate the metals, or at least this one. First off, it wore awfully. It came off from drinking anything, even something so simple like chewing gum wore the lip. Second, it’s too creamy for my liking, and I mean way too creamy. I’m more of a matte lipstick girl, so within reason I would expect to not like the creaminess of the metals, but this was too much for me. You know that gross feeling when your tooth chips off some chapstick, you get it on your lips, and it just feels disgusting with all that chapstick there? That’s exactly how it felt wearing the metal. Although, I can’t entirely say that these are awful because that’s only my single opinion. My mom, on the other hand, absolutely loves Reign. She loves the color, she loves how it’s creamy, so her lips are hydrated, and definitely has the exact opposite views on the metal than mine. I guess it just wasn’t my color.

Now, I hate glosses. I have only ever put a gloss on in a time of desperate need when there was no chapstick anywhere, and it was awful. I love my Kylie lipsticks, but there is no way I am going near any of her glosses. Back to my mom again, she has three of them. She absolutely loves them, raves about them really. Out of curiosity I asked how they wear, not that I would ever wear one myself, but just to know how Kylie’s other products were. Any time I had gone out to eat with my mother, I never saw her glosses wear, so sure I knew the answer, but I’m not with her all hours of the day. Sometimes, she would reapply if she smudged something, but otherwise her claims were that they were excellent and wore all day.

Can we talk about the scent for a minute, though? Yes, her lipsticks are scented. They smell so amazing you honestly want to eat it, gross, but trust me when I say they smell delicious. Whether it be mattes, glosses or metals, all of them smell awesome.

In the end, are her lipsticks worth it? Whether it be a gloss, single, matte, or metal, all her lipsticks are worth it. If you want a lipstick that advertises the truth, go for this one, it really does last all day. In my first run with the lipstick, it did wear a few times, but that was because I was only learning. So, if you’re on the fence about buying one of King Kylie’s infamous lipsticks and actually have the money for it, do it. You won’t regret it, and you surely won’t stop smelling it.