Heatless Summer Hair

Heatless Summer Hair

Summer is a great time to take some heat off of your hair and let it rejuvenate. There are tons of options to get a beachy wave without using a lot heat and simple updos to get your hair out of you face during hot summer days.


Some great products to add texture and volume to your hair are:

-Not Your Mother’s: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray- about $5

-Creates a nice/natural wave to your hair  

-Lush: Sea Spray- $16.95                           

Creating heatless waves can easily be achieved by braiding your hair into two or three braids, depending on how loose you want your waves, when it is still damp and then either finish drying it with a hair dryer (on cold) or sleep in the braids.  When the braids have finished drying, take the braids out and finish the hair off with some sea salt spray to add some beachy texture.



Other options for effortless summer hair are simple updos like a messy bun or braids.