Valentine's Day Braided Hairstyles
Liana Lichter, Freshman & Sarah Dunham, Freshman

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making many questions form in your head. You want to make it the perfect day. “What will I wear? What makeup should I do? How do I style my hair?” Don’t stress-- we got you covered with 5 hairstyles that require no heat!

Fishtail Braid

The first hairstyle is a fishtail half up -- half down ‘do. To begin this look, make sure your hair is freshly combed to allow for no knots. Then, separate your hair into two sections, horizontally. You should take hair from right above your ears in the front of your head. Smooth the bumps out with a comb, and secure it with an elastic. Then, split your hair from the elastic part into two sections. Begin taking a piece from each side and crossing it over from the outside towards the inside. Repeat this motion all the way down and secure with another small elastic. This style is super simple and should take about 5 minutes depending on skill level. To enhance the look, loosely curl your hair and lightly pull up the braid to add drama.

Hair by Sarah Dunham

Hair by Sarah Dunham


French Braid

This hairstyle is a basic French braid. It is easiest to do with straight brushed out hair. Start at the crown of your head taking about 3 inches of hair and begin the braid. Each time you go to do another crossover, add in more hair to each outside piece. This is an ideal casual hairstyle if you are spending Valentine's day with your fave girlfriends. Five minutes is all you need to create this classy look, and you can make it neat or messy depending on the vibe of your outfit.


French Braided Ponytail

Another casual hairstyle is a French braided ponytail. After brushing out your hair, use a comb to section off hair from the top of your scalp down to your ear. Pull the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail to keep it out of your face. Begin to French braid the section of hair you have pulled out. After braiding that section, merge the braid with the rest of your hair. Comb over the top to smooth out the bumps, and pull it into a ponytail.  You can curl the ponytail to make it more flirty.


Double Dutch Braid

If you are going on a more relaxed date, a double Dutch braid is a great choice. Start off by brushing your hair as usual and use a comb to split it down the middle vertically. Take one side and tie it back. Then, begin the Dutch braid starting on one side. It is very similar to a French braid, although you are crossing each piece underneath instead of over. Keep Dutch braiding all the way down until where your hairline meets your neck. At that point just continue with a normal braid all the way down. Repeat this on the other side. Pull apart the braid a bit. This will add volume and definition. This hairstyle takes between 7-10 minutes.


Side Dutch Braids

The final look is a pulled over side Dutch braid, inspired by the Beauty YouTuber Aspyn Ovard. After parting your hair to one side, start Dutch braiding on that side. As you are braiding the bigger side, pull pieces over from the smaller side into the braid. When you are finished, make sure to pull the braid apart as much as you can. If you have bangs or short pieces in the front, you can curl them. This hairstyle is very elegant and perfect for a night out with a loved one. This took about 10 minutes.

Now you’re all set for any occasion this Valentine’s Day! These are also very versatile hairstyles as well. They can be varied from a formal event look to an everyday casual style.