Lindsay Harner, Senior

Pictures by Lindsay Harner and Kenna Kita, Senior

Hair and Makeup by Kenna Kita

It seems the holiday season is now upon us.  And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like this month becomes a bit repetitive-- decorating the house, shopping for presents, trying to stay focused in school while my mind wanders off into Christmas-land (not complaining though, I do love tradition).  Just because this season typically follows tradition, that doesn’t mean your makeup has to.  That’s why I’m going to show you two ways to spice up your average holiday makeup using bright colors.  

Look One:

The focus of this look is on the icy blue eyes. To recreate the eye makeup, all you have to do is coat an eyeliner brush with an electric blue eyeshadow, and then apply on the upper eyelid where you would normally apply eyeliner, winging it out at the end.  Also blend this shadow into the lower lashline.  Add mascara to make the eyes pop even more.  On the lips is a nude lip crayon.  It’s best to pair this makeup with a nude lip, to keep the attention on the eyes.

Look Two:

This look features two go-to holiday colors: gold and green.  First sweep a matte brown eyeshadow through the crease.  Next use an eyeliner brush dipped in gold eyeshadow and line the inner half of the upper eyelid with this.  Then line the outer half with an emerald green eyeliner.  Use the same green eyeliner to line the lower lashline.  Now do your normal mascara routine.  For even more festivity, we decided to take a sparkly gold mascara and apply it just to the tips of the upper lashes.  This creates a subtle effect, but it looks great when the light catches the sparkles.  On the lips here is a pinkish-nude lip gloss that has a gold shine in it to match the eyes.  

I love these looks because they feature fun colors but they’re still completely wearable for any your favorite winter holiday events.  Whether that’s a Christmas party, ice skating, a tree lighting, or a family dinner, with these looks you’ll be all set for the season. Happy holidays everyone!