Music Festival Makeup

Alisha Scott, freshman

Planning on attending a music festival this spring or summer? Need some inspiration for a bohemian makeup look? Well, Buzz is here to help! Follow these steps in order to achieve an eye catching makeup look that won’t fade away while you’re dancing to your favorite artists.

  1. Begin by completing your everyday foundation routine. Make sure to set your entire face with powder in order for the foundation to last all day.

  2. Next, accentuate the tops of the cheeks and bridge of the nose with a frosty highlighter. The lights from the festival will shine on your face leaving you with a beautiful glow!

  3. Then, contour your cheekbones to sculpt the face.

  4. Finish off the face makeup by applying a blush that compliments your skintone and brings color back to the face.

  5. To begin the eye makeup, apply an eyeshadow primer so that your eyes will remain flawless for the duration of the festival.

  6. Next, apply a medium brown shadow into the crease in order to help the other shadows blend easier.

  7. Then, pack a shimmery light purple shadow onto the entire lid and dust it along the lower lash line. (purple compliments brown eyes beautifully!)

  8. Now, blend a deep brown shadow into the outer V for definition.

  9. To brighten your eyes, apply a white shimmery eyeshadow into the inner corner.

  10. Complete the eye makeup by putting on any mascara that provides volume for full lashes.

  11. To really emphasis the “bohemian vibe”, create a teardrop shape above the space between your eyebrows using a gold eyeliner. 

  12. Next, draw a smaller teardrop inside the previous one using a purple eyeliner.

  13. Then, outline the tops of your eyebrows with dots using the gold and purple eyeliner, while alternating the colors.

  14. Lastly, apply any nude lipstick to keep the attention on the eyes.

  15. Lock in your flawless festival makeup by misting a setting spray onto your face to ensure that your makeup will last.