Fresh-Face Makeup for 2016

Maggie Gallagher, Sophomore and Willow Munson, Freshman

After the holiday stress, 2016 comes as a fresh start. Even the cliché “new year, new you” can be used to prepare yourself for a bright year. Following a revitalizing face mask, you can start your year with a simple and all-natural makeup look. Here are some tips to achieve it:

Accentuate your natural looks

  • Use bronzer, blush, and highlighter to add to your natural facial features.

  • For your eyes, you can use specific shades to compliment your eye color. For instance, try a light brown eye pencil or a thin charcoal eyeliner. 

Keep it light

  • Nothing is worse than the feeling of having a full face of cakey makeup on.  Try BB creams instead of foundation and...

  • Lip balm instead of lipstick to lighten up your look.

Stick to the basics

  • Your makeup doesn't have to take you hours in the morning just for school.  You can rock a natural look even if you are used to applying a large amount of makeup.

  • Do what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin to start the year out right!