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Alien Halloween Makeup

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Alisha Scott, Freshman

This alien hair and makeup is out of this world! With only a few products you can easily create a realistic Halloween costume from outer space.            

model: Tishara Linares

model: Tishara Linares


Place a light green eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then, blend a dark green eyeshadow into your crease, bringing it down near your inner corner. Follow by using an angled eyeliner brush to create a thin dark green line that contours down the sides of you nose. You will then create another thin dark green line along the bottom of your eyes (as seen in the picture). Complete the eyeshadow by smoking out the bottom lash line with the same light green eyeshadow you used on your lid.You may also highlight your inner corner and along the brow bone if you wish. To finish the eyes, add your favorite mascara and line your eyes with a black eyeliner. To make this look a bit more dramatic, you can fill in your eyebrows with a green eyeshadow as well.


You can start off by applying your normal foundation routine. Then contour your cheekbones and your temples with a green eyeshadow of your choice.


All you have to do is apply either black or green lipstick, and you have now finished the alien makeup!

As for hair, make two messy buns (space buns) on both sides of your head.

You have now fully transformed into an alien from another planet. Happy Halloween!