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Stress-Free Travel

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Stress-Free Travel

By: Fionnuir Ni Chochlain

10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Traveling is always exciting and interesting as you get the chance to gain all new experiences, but sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned. Here are ten ways to make you trip the easiest it can be with the least amount of stress!

  1. Arrive early! Going through security and boarding can be slow. Leave enough time that you aren’t rushing so you don’t forget something. Most airports ask that you arrive at least an hour before domestic flights and three hours before international flights.

  2. Always have all your paperwork organized. Whether you are flying or taking a train, knowing where your boarding pass is as well as ID, passport or other necessary items can save lots of time. Keep everything in one place, whether that’s a certain pocket of your bag or a folder containing everything you need.

  3. Remember your cords and chargers for all of your devices. Portable chargers and cables are always good to bring, especially since most planes have outlets right beneath your seat, so you never have to worry about your phone dying on the trip.

  4. Comfortable shoes and clothes are generally just a good choice when traveling. You want to wear something that won’t itch or bother you if you sit for too long. Also, don’t forget to layer in case the plane is a little chilly.

  5. Keep some skincare in your carry-on or personal bag. Planes always have dry air, and your skin shouldn’t have to suffer! Pack a small hand lotion and a chapstick in your bag and you should be just fine.

  6. Bring a change of clothes. Flights can be delayed all day or even overnight, and wearing the same outfit for multiple days is never a good option.

  7. Pack snacks. You never know when you might get peckish, and snacks in airports or train stations are often way overpriced. Save some money and pack up snacks in a ziplock bag before you leave home.

  8. Check your luggage is within limits for whatever company you are traveling with. There is nothing worse than having to repack, or, even worse, throw away items to meet regulations. To avoid the repacking stress, check online and make sure your bags adhere to the rules.

  9. Have a book to read or something to do if your plans get delayed. Flights get delayed all the time, and having something to do makes the waiting a little less boring.

  10. Have fun! Every now and again there are bumps in the road but remember that you are on your way to a nice vacation (hopefully someplace warm) and you will eventually get there. Don’t let delays get you down and get out there and explore!