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Making your Resolution Stay

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Making your Resolution Stay
Sandra Thomas, Sophomore

Every year I make a New Year’s Resolution and by the end of January I always give up.  Last year I realized I was approaching resolutions wrong, you actually have to put some effort not just make them. Whether your resolution is to get better grades, be healthier, or being organized. Here’s how to keep them until 2018 and actually make them part of your life.

Little by Little

An easy way to get to your goal is to spend a little time each year improving yourself for the future. A little time is probably classified under 15 minutes, but even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. If your resolution is to get better grades, spend 10 minutes every day reviewing your notes. If you want to be healthier, spending 15 minutes exercising can dramatically improve your overall well-being.

Staying Motivated

Being completely honest, staying motivated is hard. I am probably the most easily distracted person ever. But if you want to be keep your resolutions, you need to stay motivated.

Here are some quick tips for motivated:

  1. Don't set impossible expectations- You will probably never meet them and just give up in the beginning. You can't achieve something in an hour.

  2. Make realistic goals-  Create ones that are achievable, no goal is too small.

  3. Set little goals frequently- These serve as checkpoints and achieving them gives you more motivation to keep going.

  4. Reward yourself- If you accomplish your little goals reward yourself. This way you have something to look forward to and don't give up.

Consistency is Key

If spend one day working toward your goal, that's great; however, if you don't follow through, you will accomplish nothing. If you want better grades, you need to keep your studying times and ways consistent. If being healthier is your goal, you need to spend every day eating healthy and exercising. We all need a off or cheat day every once in awhile, and that okay. However, don’t turn your one off day into five days in a row.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Repetition is amazing to achieve things. When studying repeating homework and studying the same things over, can help you remember concepts better. If you can't do a certain exercise, repeat it until you make it perfect. Repeating stuff helps you realize your mistakes, and correct them.

Working Hard

Being completely honest, if you want something you have got to work hard to get it. All the work you are putting in now will pay off, and in the end it will all be worth it. There is no better feeling than accomplishing something you never thought you could do.

Whatever resolution you made in 2017, I hope you achieve it. Make 2017 your year.