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Spotlight Artist of September: Airborne Productions

EHS Buzz MagazineComment

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Looking for something new and creative? Looking for local talent from within EHS? Look no further than Buzz Magazine's Spotlight Artist of the Month.

Airborne Productions premiered their movie Allegory on September 20th at the Grand Theater and Buzz sat down with them for an exclusive interview.  

Airborne Productions is a completely student run production company that makes independent films and web series. Within the company Ryan Zimmerman handles the directing, writing, and the managing of actors. Leah Gaydos handles the business side and serves as the producer. Carmen Chan is the director of photography, assistant director, and creates animation and graphics for the company.

Featured from left to right: Leah Gaydos, Ryan Zimmerman, and Carmen Chan

    They all had a passion for film making and decided to work together.

“I started resourcing everything; how to write a script, a screenplay, and how to film in middle school. Once I got into high school I really started stuff but it didn't really work out and I got with Leah,” said Zimmerman, “she was also making films and we kind of put our heads together and started making stuff and it sprouted from there and we got more people involved.”

    The name Airborne Productions was decided when Ryan Zimmerman revisited old name suggestions.

    “I looked through old names and one if the first ones was Airborne Productions and I have no idea why, said Zimmerman.  “It sounded interesting and not silly. It was the most professional and it isn't taken as far as we know.”

    The filmmakers told as a little bit about what their film Allegory is about.

“It’s really two stories in one. One half of the story is about a writer who doesn't know what she wants, and the other side is about a drug dealer who is trying to get out but is forced back in due to his own doing,” said Zimmerman.

The inspiration behind Allegory was taken from quite an amount of sources.

“The main [source] being a movie called Stranger Than Fiction and I saw the ending and the ending was too sappy so I thought what if i took it and wrote it differently,” said Zimmerman.

“While I was writing it I was on a Breaking Bad binge so that’s where the drug element comes from. The directorial and blending of genres came from director Quentin Tarantino. Director Wess Anderson [inspired] two dimensional shots that focused on small details,” said Zimmerman.

Leah Gaydos added a bit about their Bonnie character.

“Bonnie’s wardrobe was inspired by Gossip Girl’s character Blair Waldorf and her breaking of the fourth wall was inspired by Frank Underwood from House of Cards,” said Gaydos.


Their overall goal that kept them going was the All American High School Film Festival. The festival is held in New York City on October 9th through the 11th.

“I heard about it from a friend. I looked into it and thought it would be a good idea, said Zimmerman, “we built Allegory around the notion of getting into the film festival. We had so many ideas before we finally decided on Allegory, and we were selected out of thousands and they only take a couple hundred.”

    Starting a film production company can be a lot of work but Airborne shared some advice on how to start.

    “Get out and do stuff! Just do it,” said Zimmerman. “The key is to be creative and make something that no one has seen before.”

    That serves as a main goal for them as a production company.

“We keep evolving with our editing and audio,” said Gaydos. “You can literally start anywhere.”

    Procrastinating can get the best of you in a situation like this which is why a goal is helpful.

“Having a goal like the film festival is important because if you just say I wanna make a movie you have the tendency  to push it off, said Chan. “So if you have a set goal that has a deadline it will push you to get started.”