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Nick's Tricks: Sweats Are Never Sweet

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Nick Quinn, Junior
Courtesy of Emily Yen

Courtesy of Emily Yen

From a very young age, I knew I was different. I didn’t like to get dirty, I didn’t like to play games, I didn’t like this, I didn’t like that, blah blah blah. But the point I’m getting at here is not about my personality or the things I like to do, but the way I like to dress. And no I’m not talking about my obsession with matching, or the length of my jeans, but the certain standard I hold myself to.

I’m not trying to come off snarky, or snobby; all I’m trying to say here is that I like to dress well. I find enjoyment in picking out clothes that are both warm, and make me look nice. There’s just something about dressing down that makes me feel bad about myself! And why throw on a pair of sweats, when in that same amount of time you can put on a pair of corduroys, which are just as warm? (Disclaimer: I do in fact wear sweatpants at home. Scandalous, I know.)

Basically the point of this article is that there’s no need for sweatpants. We don’t have to put on a pair of baggy, heat-trapping sweats in order to stay both comfortable and warm.  According to my classmate Erica,

“Guys clothing is actually really comfortable! Literally everything they wear is comfortable-- jeans, button down shirts, polos, they’re all really comfy!”

Until she said this, I never realized how easy we have it. The only reason we wear sweatpants is because they’re comfortable. But going through my closet, I realized that I don’t really own any clothing that’s uncomfortable. And now that we need to stay warm, there are a few options available, and I’ve taken the liberty of listing them below:

  1. Corduroys-- These guys are the best! They look great and keep you super warm. The close-knit fibers keep you warmer than denim and cotton, proving to be the warmest pants I own. Also, they come in skinny, slim, bootcut... you name the style they have it.  The same level of differentiation comes in colors too: corduroys pretty much come in every color of the rainbow.

  2. Jeans-- I think I wear jeans five days a week. A quality pair of jeans can be dressed up or down and will keep you warm in the winter. They can be rolled for the preppy look, normal for your everyday look, or slimmer for a more formal look! As any loyal American knows, jeans are the most versatile thing ever.

  3. Khakis-- Khakis also are a great option. Beware: these are the least warm option (but they can still be worn on those cold December days). They come in all fits, and can be adjusted to your style in any way you need.

  4. Sweatpants-- All in all, you really can’t do anything with them unless your goal is to dress down. And by down I mean deep down, like bottomless pit down.  

*Note: Here at Buzz Mag, we are definitively pro-joggers. Joggers aren’t sweatpants! We hope you take this matter as seriously as we do. Thank you.