Man up and Bun It

Maria Dimou, Sophomore

The man bun.

Let me tell you, I am in love with it.

Though mysterious to most, the anatomy of it is simple enough: long hair, a hair tie, and a man who has a predilection for all things rad. 

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When I first was just introduced to the whole thing, I was a little uncertain. But hey! I'll admit it, I was so wrong. Except, okay, it's not totally my fault-- since we were young we've been lied to, mislead, and totally and utterly wronged. For whatever reason, long locks have always been reserved for the lucky few of us who possess the XX, so when I first started seeing this trend, I was bit shocked. But after seeing it more and more I've come to realize that by subliminally forcing our guys to trim the tresses, we as a society have been doing ourselves a disservice. How so you might ask? I'm going to have to ask you kindly to please get with it: this is 2015 and man buns are crazy hot.


You may or may have not seen ASOS's tweet about a clip-in man bun. Oh, you haven't? Let me fill you in:

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Guys, don't let ASOS mislead you: "the look" is certainly not a hassle. And in my opinion, the clip-in just looks artificial.

But if you like your man-buns as artificial as the dust on your Doritos, then go ahead! Invest in what could be argued is the biggest game changer since the Locos Tacos.

But anyway, this tweet caused an uproar among tweeters. Everyone seemed to think that it was a stupid idea. In fact, I didn't see one positive comment. But at this point, might I ask you to just take a quick look at the bottom left corner: 

The whole thing ended up being a April Fool's joke. (Um, what's next ASOS, "deez nuts?") So with the public's reaction, I don't think that clip in bun will be coming out for real anytime soon.

I happened to interview a fellow student at our school who is known for his man bun, sophomore Brian Mantone, about the inside scoop on the spreading trend.

Q: When did you start putting your hair in a bun?

A: Sometime around December.

Q: What inspired you to start putting your hair in a bun?

A: My hair was super long, so it was just more convenient to have it up.

Q: Do you feel that you are a trendsetter?

A: Not really. People have done it before me and tend to choose hairstyles for personal reasons, not to follow a particular trend.

Q: What is your opinion on the clip-in man buns?

A: Personally, I think they look superficial, and I wouldn't wear one, but some people would probably find a way to rock one. For me, the purpose of a bun is to control long hair, so clip in buns don't seem like they serve a purpose.

Q: Lastly, who do you look up to or admire when it comes to fashion if anyone?

A: I suppose I'm influenced by the style of my artists, but I mostly try to craft something of my own.