Making It up to Men

Kayla Manjarrez-McGovern, Senior

The stigma surrounding makeup has been one that has fascinated me since I began filling in my lash-line with purple eyeliner at the ripe age of 12. While makeup for me has always been more of a therapeutic, creative outlet, the expansion of social media has made it very clear that this free-spirited approach to the art is not one that is universal.

Not universal in the beauty world, and certainly not universal in the “guy world.” 

People love to assume that makeup’s sole function is to make a person, typically a female, more attractive to potential suitors, and that it is a territory only to be ventured by women. If a guy were ever to dabble in such a foreign, exclusive craft, the outcry among his peers, or dare I say it, his bros (or fam?), would be catastrophic. 

Well, fam, it is time to rid yourself of every prepossessed notion you’ve had about makeup for probably as long as you’ve known about it. (For some of you, this concept may be a new one. I’ll fill you in. Girls wear makeup--sometimes daily, sometimes never, sometimes with red lips, and sometimes even with the intentions of making it appear as though they aren’t wearing any at all. Confusing, I know; it’s okay.)


Image Courtesy of Emily Yen

Image Courtesy of Emily Yen

FYI, boys CAN wear makeup. Here's why. Hear me out. 

  1. Sometimes acne is embarrassing. We’ve all been there, and I don’t know where I’d be without my concealer. It can be a major confidence booster knowing you’ve got a secret weapon with which you can tackle zits. 
  2. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and some fancy shutters never hurt anyone. More of a preference-based technique, but definitely gorg. We’re not talking Pete Wentz or Adam Lambert-inspired heavy “guyliner,” but a little bit of brown pencil liner applied to your outer lid will make your lashes appear darker, making your eyes pop. 
  3. Contouring<333333 Say wha? Apply a brown bronzer with a loosely compacted brush from the apples of your cheeks, just under your cheekbones, up to your temples, and from the apples of your cheeks again to along your jawline. This will emphasize the bone structure of your face, giving you a more chiseled look. You can apply a cream highlighter to your chin, the bridge of your nose, and underneath your eyebrows to give your face more depth. Remember: this is a basic guideline, so there may be slight variations based on your face shape. Consult your knowledgeable gal pals or Google, if you're mastering makeup in secrecy. (The comments on your Insta selfies will undoubtedly become flooded with the heart-eyes emoji, trust me.) 

The goal of makeup is not to camouflage the skin you’re in, but to enhance the beauty you already possess. Beautiful is not an attribute designated for girls, nor is it synonymous to makeup or the lack thereof. As a society we’ve conditioned girls to think makeup is the backbone of their beauty, and we’ve taught boys that it is the achilles heel to their masculinity.

2015, senioritis is a real thing. Consider breaking out the brushes while you binge “Friends,” admittedly disregarding the calc test you have tomorrow (it’s the 4th quarter anyway), and give it a go. Or a bunch of goes--practice makes perfect and you may need quite a bit of it (Not all of us walk out of the womb a MAC Cosmetics artist, though wouldn’t it be a gift if we did?). The results may surprise you. Or not. But try everything once? And once you’ve achieved perfection, you’ll be lookin’ good in a whole new way.

And TBH, your friends will likely have no idea you’re even wearing any at all. 

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