Who Said Green Wasn't Fab?

Alexa Grazio, senior

Hey guys, if you love ~fresh~ hats AND fresh air, then read on! If not... what are you even doing in the Lifestyle section of a fashion magazine? No judgement, jw.

Anyway, I have the pleasure of attending the University of Pittsburgh with Matt Schroeder, master of marketing and webdesign, who connected me with this wonderful company called Tinlid Hat Company.

Tinlid Hat Co. is an outdoor company who sells, you guessed it, hats. And they dedicate themselves to making a positive impact on the world--For each hat sold, a tree is planted through the National Forest Foundation.

Tinlid was started by three friends in Traverse City, Michigan in the summer of 2014. This group of friends consists of now seniors in high school... Sound familiar?

The other unique aspect of their company is that each hat is designed to hold a pencil on the side. You can keep a pencil on you at all times in case a strike of inspiration hits. Rad right?

There really isn’t a better way to celebrate Earth Day in style than purchasing a hat from this fabulous company.

Visit their site and buy a hat...or four. http://www.tinlidco.com/shop

Also btw, be sure to connect with the crew:

Meet the Team http://www.tinlidco.com/meet-the-team/