Uncovering Art: Stromae

Emily Yen, Sophomore
Courtesy of Emily Yen

Courtesy of Emily Yen


Genre: French Pop

Discography: Cheese (2010) & Racine Carrée (2013)

Courtesy of   wiwibloggs.com

Courtesy of wiwibloggs.com

Courtesy of   wikipedia.com

Courtesy of wikipedia.com

Courtesy of   wikipedia.com

Courtesy of wikipedia.com


Stromae (pronounced Strom•a•hey) is definitely not a household name to most of us in Emmaus, PA, or anywhere near here. He’s been dubbed “The Most Famous Pop Star You’ve Never Heard Of” by Time Out New York, and had I not been on the right Spotify playlist, I may have never uncovered the jewel that he is.

So, who is Stromae?

He describes his style of music as a mixture of “hip-hop, dance music, salsa and French folk music.” And I’ve found that those four genres blend together beautifully.

I immediately fell in love with "Tous les Mêmes," a song on his sophomore album, "Racine Carrée." If you care to translate it, the title means "All the Same," and the song challenges gender roles in everyday life. I also highly suggest looking up the translations to basically every one of his songs. One of the things I love about his music is how it speaks plainly about topics that many artists, and people in general, tend to skirt around. Tragedy is no stranger to his songs, but while the content is on the depressing side, the music itself is upbeat and keeps you dancing. 

Now you may be asking yourself why you should bother listening to music that is in a language you can’t understand. Here’s your answer: the language doesn’t matter. If you’re really listening, the rhythm and mood of the song are what make it enjoyable; good music doesn’t have to be linguistically understood to reach the listener. Stromae definitely transcends that language barrier. 

Now this was just a light overview on why I’m loving Stromae, but go check him out for yourself! Look him up on Spotify, Youtube, or just good ol’ Google. I mean c’mon, according to TimeOut.com, even President Obama has his album-- why shouldn’t you?

Check out more on Stromae at TimeOut.com: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/music/meet-stromae-the-most-famous-pop-star-youve-never-heard-of