The Night of Nights: Senior Ball

Maria Dimou, Sophomore  +  Liz Kleppinger, Freshman

Senior ball is what everyone's been buzzing about since, like, mid-March.

Once you have the perfect date, the real prep starts. Finding the dress is obviously the first essential step. Then the weeks-- leading up to prom, nail appointments, hair appointments, dress fittings. All the little details that go into the night of nights. The hours spent making everything perfect.

 The seniors of Emmaus High School's class of 2015 clearly took all the right steps to make the night unforgettable. Girls rocked glam heels and luxurious dresses in every color and shape. Everyone's makeup looked freshly done by a professional, and the hair twisted and pinned into perfection.

Among the hundreds of glamorous dresses, black was a hot trend many girls seemed to get the notice on, and open back dresses were a clear first choice. A good portion of 2015 donned various hues of blue-- understandable, since blue is a very traditional prom color. The new trend seemed nude colors, which we happen to love. Almost every dress incorporated lace or some kind of bling, and high neck lines seemed to be everyone’s new favorite trend.

Norii Estevez’s journey to the dress was a bit of a roller coaster.

“Originally, I went to King of Prussia. I tried it on and I was just gonna have it mailed to me,” Estevez said. “My dad waited too long. I looked at every website, everywhere, and couldn’t find it at all.

“So I found a girl who wore it two years ago, because this is my absolute dream dress. Never talked to her before, added her on every social media, and I, like, messaged her, and she let me borrow it,” Norii said.

Luckily everything worked out for the best.

“This dress is, like, pretty old. That’s why it’s not found anywhere. They don’t sell it anymore," Estevez said. "I was like, 'OMG I want a dress like this.' I never thought I would actually be wearing the dress."

Wearing her dream dress to prom, Norii looked flawless.


Much like Estevez, Olivia Waldron’s prom planning almost fell through.

 “Well, actually it was almost a disaster,” Waldron said. “I went to get my hair done, and they said my appointment wasn’t there. So I had to wait an extra 30 minutes, and then I got my hair done and my makeup done. And then I came home, and waited like another 2 hours. And then I finally put my dress on and came here.”

Sandy Krissinger, who was on prom court, told us about her prom-prep experience.

“It started at one o’clock, which is a little late, but I went to get my hair done, which was longer than I thought,” Krissinger said. “So I was freaking out a lot, but luckily I made it in time. I was rushing a lot. Then I came home, and my sister did my makeup. Then next thing I know, this kid showed up (points to her date, Daniel Velasco). We got pictures and left.”

As for finding the dress she had quite the experience.

“This was the very first one. I kind of walked around the store, and I heard, like, comments from people, like all around the store. And they were like 'oh my God, that looks so great on you.'” Sandy said.

Louis Berrigan and Faith Montgomery were crowned the Senior Ball 2015 King and Queen, looking spectacular in a watercolor cut-out dress and traditional tuxedo with a purple paisley vest.

Buzz: How did you get ready- the whole process?

Faith: So I woke up and I went to get my hair done at a salon. It took like, 40 minutes. I got my nails done, went home, ate some food, and then I put my dress on and put my makeup on.

Buzz: Where did you get your dress, and what went into choosing your dress?

Faith: I bought it online. It was like, I got it like, two years ago or a year ago. I wanted something that was different and I came across this watercolor, and I was like, "this is dope."

Buzz: Who did your hair and makeup?

Faith: My mom’s hairdresser, Jen. Winnie & Co. Company. Really good-- she does a good job. I did my own makeup.

Buzz: Where did you get your shoes?

Faith: Actually, I didn’t have shoes. So I called up a friend last minute, and she hooked me up with some awesome shoes.

Buzz: What went into the whole process-- did she pick out your tux?

Louis: I picked it out. We agreed on dark purple, and paisley’s awesome so.

Buzz: What is it like to be prom king and queen?

Louis: I still feel human. I don’t feel like the king definitely, but it is cool.

Buzz: Did you think you were gonna be prom king and queen?

Louis: We didn’t want to think it but everyone was like *pointing and gesturing at each other,* so we kinda had a feeling.

Faith: Yeah. Everyone was like "you’re gonna win, you’re gonna win" and you’re like, "nah, it’s no big deal, you know." It’s kind of like surreal.

 Prom was the event of the year for many, and although Senior Ball only lasted five hours, the memories of the night will last a lifetime.