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Stylish Bedroom Decorating

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Rachel Heiney

There are many ways you can spark up your room or dorm for a minimal amount of money. Are picture frames too expensive or too bland for you? A very easy way to display your wonderful pics is to hang twine or thin rope across your room, and buy a cheap pack of clothes pins. Pin the pictures across the twine making a string of memories to hang whenever you please. 

You could also exhibit your pictures on an inexpensive cork board. All you have to do to make it cute is to decorate it with color tape or paint it with leftover paint you have in your closet. 

If you are looking for the perfect lighting to illuminate your room, there are many DIY’s that are useful. First take old or unused Christmas lights. Then, get colorful cupcake liners from the grocery store. Cut half of the lines in any design you want and keep the other half the way you brought them. Finally, hot glue one whole liner and one cut liner behind each bulb on the string of Christmas lights. Voilà! You now have yourself “flower lights” that you can hang behind your bed or around your door frame. 

You could also take an old Pringles can or soup can, poke holes in it, paint a design on it, and stick a candle under it. You will have made a trendy candle light to display on your bedside table. Just remember to blow the candle out before leaving your room! 

One of the easiest and most common room decorations is wooden letters of the initials of the person that lives in the room. All you have to do it go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and buy inexpensive wooden letters. Then, feel free to decorate with glitter, paint, markers, lace or any crafts you have lying around the house. Most people hang the letters on their doors or over their beds. It gives your room that extra flare. 

I hope these tips help you pizzazz your room the best way possible!