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Simple DIY Fall Decor

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Tori Aten, Freshman

The leaves are changing color, "Sweater Weather" on repeat, photo-ops with massive pumpkins--It’s finally fall. Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year, so when this time rolls around, I go all out.

From carving pumpkins to costume parties, I love it all. Decorating, especially. Luckily for you, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve I'm willing to share.

Jar with candle 

What You Will Need:
-1 small jar of your choosing
-1 small LED candle
-2 colored ribbons (Fall colors work best!)
-1 Hot glue gun

To make this, first take one of the ribbons, put some hot glue on one side, and then wrap it around the top. Next take the second color ribbon and glue it around the top (over the first) but making sure to still be able to see the first ribbon. Now, take one of the candles and wrap a ribbon of your choosing around it however you want. There you have it, as simple as that! There is no right or wrong way, be creative and make it your own.

‘A Bouquet of Pictures’

What You Will Need:
Round jar
Spray paint (Any fall color) 
Styrofoam ball
Pictures of your favorite fall or Halloween memories

For this second project, you’re going to take the round jar then spray paint it, making sure you cannot see through it. After letting it dry, take the foam ball and fit it into the round jar so that a little bit of the foam sticks out the top (glue it if necessary). Print out about three or four of your favorite Halloween/fall memories and tape them to the toothpicks. Now, stick the toothpicks into the Styrofoam ball in any order you like. Add as many personal and creative touches as you can and then you’re all done! Set it anywhere to add a little touch to an empty space.

Pumpkin project:

Mini white pumpkin

This is completely up to you on how you want to design and paint yours. For mine, I had a little school spirit, and painted ‘EHS’ in yellow letters with a green outline.  I just added a little extra designs around it to spice it up a bit. The fun part is that you can do anything you like, so be creative!

Second pumpkin project

Mini white pumpkin (can be found at Wal-Mart or Giant)
Pack of 24 crayons
Hot glue
Hair dryer

Be prepared to get crafty, we’re melting crayons! For this last one, take the crayons and arrange them in a rainbow so they all fade into each other. Hot glue the crayons in order around the top of the pumpkin (you might need to break them so they aren’t too long). Next, set the pumpkin down on a large sheet of paper so you don’t get anything messy with wax. Plug the hairdryer on and turn it on high. Hold it over the crayons until they start melting and dripping down the sides of the pumpkin. Move the dryer all around until all of the crayons are melted to the extent you want. Let the wax dry and you should get a very colorful pumpkin! 

All of these four D.I.Y ideas for fall are inexpensive and fun to make! The best part is that they are personalized to your creative take on each one.  What are you waiting for? Roll up those cozy sweater sleeves and celebrate fall with these simple decorative projects!