Alexa Grazio

Move aside nutella, there’s a new spread in town!

    I’ve been a nutella aficionado since before I could read a clock. Growing up in a family with Italian heritage, I am extremely familiar with the spread. It is sold in Italian markets in huge bulk containers. I like to consider myself a ‘nutella hipster’ of sorts. I was almost shocked when nutella became --trendy--. How could all these people never have heard of nutella before? This glorious chocolatey spread disguising itself as healthy by sneaking in hazelnuts to cover up the true sugary goodness. As good as that sounds, theres a new spread that should occupy your pantry-- cookie spread.

     The spread originates in Europe and is literally made with entire cookies; cookies known as speculoos cookies or by their name brand Biscoff. Its called Biscoff spread and comes in smooth or crunchy, just like peanut butter. Its taste cannot be described except with the word, “heaven.” Like nutella, you just need to go out and buy some. If you’re lazy you can buy it online! Bonus points because it’s vegan, yes really.

   Like a fine wine or aged cheese, this spread compliments apples, waffles, toast, desserts; the possibilities are endless.