Liz Kleppinger, Freshman

The scoop on the new iced lattes being sold at lunch

Courtesy of Kayla McGovern

Courtesy of Kayla McGovern

The hottest new buzz at Emmaus also happens to be the coldest. Say hello to the lunch lattes!

As of just last week, caramel mocha iced lattes and vanilla iced lattes are now for sale in the cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $1.50 each.

If you've bought the school lunch in the last week or so you most definitely would have seen the swarm of people by the drink cooler, all because of its newest additions.

The director of food services for Emmaus High School, Paul Vlasics, offers his take on the real reason the school began to sell the lattes in the first place. 

"The lattes are just another option for the students," said Vlasics. "Students came to me asking for coffee again and this is the drink I came up with."

Despite the hype surrounding the coolest beverage sold in the EHS lunchroom, a few freshman girls aren't so impressed.

"They had too much whipped cream. The drinks only had a slight taste of coffee. I think they would be good for people who don't really like the taste or bitterness of actual coffee," said Tori Talarico. "I think the lattes are a bit overpriced."

As far as the pricing goes, Vlasics said that the prices are a little steep due to the fact that the lattes are "not part of a reimbursable meal."

Unfortunately, the subject of the latest school-wide buzz won't get you buzzed. That's right guys, no caffeine.

 "It had to meet the wellness policy the school food follows," said Vlasics.

Freshman Alana Hoffman shares her disappointment on the subject:

"They tasted good, but I got one because I thought they had caffeine," said Hoffman. "The drinks tastes more like vanilla ice cream than anything and I am pretty sure the whipped cream is really cool whip."

The ingredients in the caramel lattes include sugar-free caramel flavored syrup, decaf coffee (brewed and chilled overnight), splenda, and skim Trumoo chocolate milk. The vanilla lattes consist of white Trumoo milk, decaf coffee (also brewed and chilled overnight), vanilla extract, splenda, and sugar-free vanilla flavored syrup.

The high demand lattes will only be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays because ordering the ingredients takes time and they are selling out faster than expected.

Caramel mocha and vanilla iced lattes seem to be drawing in the crowd, selling out 400 over the course of a single day last week. Be sure to stop by the cafeteria on a Tuesday or Thursday and try what everyone is buzzing about at Emmaus.