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The Best Time to Wear a 'Shining' Sweater Is All the Time

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Summer Ramsey, Sophomore

It was a dark and stormy night. I was on Pinterest practicing the dark art of procrastination in my bedroom (which happens to be in the attic), when I saw... a really cute sweater. It was blue and had an Apollo rocket on it. At first, I took no real notice of it. Big mistake.

My parents called me down from my room. My mom had just started this thing that every Sunday we would watch a movie together. She wanted to end the weekend on a fun note, as if not every teenager does all of their homework on Sunday night. Well anyway, it was near Halloween and my turn to choose the movie.

I chose "The Shining."

I wanted to watch a scary movie for Halloween, but I am easily bored and honestly scared by most average Halloween movies. "The Shining," however, is more about the psychological aspect. As I was watching the movie, my heart slowly gaining speed in spite of me, when my interest in the growing plot was divided for a moment. There, low and behold, little Danny was wearing the sweater I had just seen on the Internet! Shocked, I did some research.

The sweater I saw on Pinterest was designed by Stuart Vevers, the new creative director of Coach, and is actually inspired by the movie. Vevers seems to be taking Coach in a more pop culture, grunge direction, an unprecedented turn away from the preppy, high society Coach we hold dear. This new direction has promise to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience that could take Coach's brand to the streets. Being featured in street style is crucial to any fashion house that wants to stay relevant. Vevers' first collection as Creative Director of Coach will be an interesting one to watch because a lot of his inspiration sprang from Americana, and he's possibly changing the brand as we know it.