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Who, What, Wear

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Maria Dimou, Sophomore

You smell gingerbread cookies throughout the house, see Christmas movies on what seems like every channel, hear bells ringing amid shopping excursions, and see excited children waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap. Winter break. Instead of wasting those days of freedom on Netflix, follow my list of things to do and what to wear this holiday season. Two for the price of one!



Ice skating with friends is so great simply because you can laugh at each other while you fall on your butts. It also can be a fun date with that perfect boy from math class.

With friends you can wear some leggings or black jeans with a cute comfy sweater and basically, that's it.

For a date you might want to be a little bit more flirty. Wear a romper or dress with tights or leggings underneath. Add some knee high socks and definitely add a sweater to keep warm.

After that fun ice skating you can go for some hot cocoa to warm up. Go to Starbucks-- their hot chocolate is definitely worth every pretty penny.



Now this something that you may need a parent to take you because most freshmen and sophomores can't drive. But no worries you can still have fun day with your family. For the half of you that can drive (juniors and seniors) you can have fun with your friends.

Wear combat boots, a cozy scarf, and a jacket so fabulous you’ll take attention away from the megawatt Santa and Rudolph’s glowing red nose.

Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the light show.



I think that December is the most beautiful time to go to New York City, especially immediately after a fresh snowfall. In NYC you can go shopping, visit Central Park, and visit Jacques Torres Chocolate for some great hot chocolate.

What to wear? Well it is super chilly in New York at this time of year, so layer up because you're going to be doing a lot of walking in the cold. Put on some jeans, warm knee-high socks, tall boots, a warm sweater, a warm jacket, and then accessorize. Don't forget a cross body purse to keep all of your belongings safe. *Pro-tip: Wear all black if you want to look like you were born and raised in the Big Apple.

Take advantage of all the fun things do do this season, and try to limit your desperate I-need-a-new-show-on-Netflix-NOW hunt to just a day or two. Have fun and happy holidays!