Twice as Nice for Half the Price

Katie Gigler, Senior

SOS, prom is officially two months away. It's time to start realistically thinking about those $250 dresses you have bookmarked on your laptop and how many extra shifts you’ll have to work to pay for your dream gown.

Maybe, just maybe, the best night of your high school career can be easier to finance than you thought. 

This coming senior prom will be my fourth prom to-date. That’s a lot of prom and lot of money to spend to look good in those pictures that will last a lifetime. But I have a secret weapon in my rhinestone-embedded clutch that's saved me stress, time, and money for prom, time after time.

It’s a high-end consignment shop called Twice As Nice. Located on Emmaus Avenue, Twice As Nice carries resale fashion for women and juniors. And they’ve got everything--clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry, gowns, and even tuxedos. The best part is that all these clothes come in perfect condition with high-end tags for an inexpensive price.
Owner Pat Zazo has owned the business for 35 years, with help from her daughter-in-law, Amy Zazo. Besides being helpful and friendly, the Zazo women have earned the business 3 consecutive Reader’s Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and have been named Pennsylvania’s Largest Consignment Complex.

Three out of my four prom gowns came from Twice As Nice, and I only spent $150 on them. Combined. I’m keeping my gown for this year a secret, but these are the other two I bought, wore, and loved. 

Courtesy of Katie Gigler

Each and every one of my shopping experiences at Twice As Nice has been affordable and pleasant. They have a very wide selection of gowns, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. for any and every occasion. It’s organized, clean, and full of low-cost fashion. 

You can also sell clothes. Clothes must be within two years old, appear to be new, and be fit for the season. I recently brought in clothes and though the buyers were selective, they took most of it. All you have to do is make an appointment, bring in the clothes, and then you get 50% of the selling price. It’s awesome.

Couldn't get any better, right? Wrong.

Twice As Nice is offering Buzz Magazine an amazing fundraising opportunity: for anything you buy during the month of March, Twice As Nice will give 20% of their profit from your purchase to Buzz Mag! Just show your EHS ID card and/or say you’re supporting Buzz Magazine. It’s too good to be true.

I highly recommend you pay a visit to Twice As Nice. Your closet, prom pictures, and wallet will thank you.