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Tricks for (Fashion) Treats

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Cassidy Inman, Junior

Each year it seems as if everyone has a difficult time choosing what they want to dress as for Halloween. And let’s be honest here, we all aim to craft a look that our peers will remember long after the witching hour passes (but, like, not in a Cady Heron way). The tricky part is finding that perfect balance between stunning and shocking.
Dressing as a character or a celeb is always fun. Think of celebrities who have made the most impact on you this past year or made the most memorable performances (cough, cough, Miley Cyrus, cough). Halloween is the time to be literally anyone you want for the night. For example, if you’re feeling festive, the Sanderson Sisters from the well-known Disney Channel classic “Hocus Pocus” are basically Halloween in a nutshell. Personally my favorite costume idea that I have discovered is Barbie and Ken!  

Best friends are a great excuse for dressing as iconic fashion fiends from the movies: Cher and Dionne, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady, etc. Any girl would die to be Cher from the legendary and timeless fashion film “Clueless” because, uh, #classy! 

If you want to look ***Flawless (who doesn’t?!) or think you can pull off the diva look, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian fall right underneath that category! Even better, if you are accompanied by a male, (and can somehow convince them) let them be the Jay-Z/Kanye to your Beyoncé/Kim! 

If you're looking for something to wear with someone who’s not ~basically your other half,~ think of two items that belong together but keep it casual with ketchup and mustard, loofah and soap, or angel and devil. Cheesy, yes, but, like, in a cute way. 

Most people like these costumes because they are easy and everyone can tell what you’re dressed as, but how about trying something different like the American Gothic picture (keep it as original as possible)!  There’s always the typical cat costume that girls wear each year, but please, for the love of Casper, (you know, the ghost?) spice it up a little and try to wear a costume that anything really besides a foxy feline. 

Halloween is a holiday that is not only meant for scaring the (beep!) out of you, but also for being that one person or thing you’ve always been dreaming to be. Have fun with it,
and, remember, stay beautiful.