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Plumberry Leaves

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Lauren Newhard, Senior

The leaves are falling and the air is becoming crisper by the day. That’s right ladies, fall is here. Burnt oranges, maroons, and mustards: the colors we see outside match the coziness fall evokes. But what about the cool tones that mirror the chilly air? I’m talking about navy blues and pretty plums. It seems as if we’ve all forgotten about such colors for fall as we’re bundled up in our black leggings, cream sweaters, and burgundy scarves sipping on our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the thought of poor old navy and plum never crossing our minds.  

When I went back to school shopping I purposely bought a deep-purple pleated skater skirt just to add a freshness in contrast to the overworked black, cream, and maroon color combos all over the school when fall hits. I also purchased an indigo skirt to add to the underrated cool tones of fall because, come on now, Forever 21 has such great deals we all pretty much binge shop there. 

Moving along-- working navy and plum into your wardrobe is quite simple. All you need is to add neutral accents along with your pops of pomegranate and blueberry.
 Try wearing a cream waffle knit sweater with a bordeaux-colored skirt or maybe, if you’re daring, even some fancy plum pleather pants. Pair them with gray leg warmers, knee high socks or tights and throw on your favorite pair of black riding boots-- I’d say you’ve got a leaf kickin’ outfit. 

Now navy’s the easy one since it’s a neutral. Add some fun to your favorite pair of dark-rinse jeans by throwing on a bright pink sweater for a surprising pop of color that is totally unexpected for fall. Or, if you decide on choosing a skirt option, pairing a dark blue skirt or dress with a neutral geometric pattern on a pair of tights gives that extra wow effect. Again, to top it all off, add some adorable fall boots, whether they are ankle, combat or riding boots, it doesn’t matter. Boots make essentially any fall outfit; that’s why our closets are exploding with them... well at least mine is. 

The key to an amazing fall wardrobe is layering pieces in a variety of colors, styles, textures, and fabric movement. Mix and match oversized sweaters with leggings or some flowy pants with a tight long sleeve and statement necklace. Don’t forget to add your plums and navy’s! They are a must for standing out among a sea of maroon.

To be different from the rest in fall I recommend just choosing your favorite styles of clothing in an edgy, fun color to add some funk to the fall days that lie ahead. 

Remember, layering is ESSENTIAL!

And whether it’s with a navy or plum scarf, tights, socks, or even a monochrome look, make it unique-- an original is always worth more than a copy.