KJP? More Like KJ Bae

Cassidy Inman, Junior

Kiel James Patrick, better known as KJP, is a new hot fashion designer from Rhode Island (not only do I mean the pieces he creates, but he himself is hot). See, not many people know of KJP (that's why I'm here), so check out his collection now at kieljamespatrick.com, because soon he'll be everywhere and you only have a short window of time to claim "you heard of him first."

The website features 10 different styles of bracelets (plus one collection designed by his fiancee, Sarah Vickers), belts, earrings, apparel, and accessories. Honestly, once I discovered him on Instagram and Twitter I became sorta obsessed with him (and what's even more fab is that he actually responds to my Tweets!!)

I just ordered my first bracelet by KJP and the wonderful thing about his brand is that its not too expensive; my bracelet only cost $40.

KJP’s main theme is anchors and oars, giving his collection a nautical feel. Most of the bracelets consist of rope as the chain and an anchor to connect it. One of my favorite styles is pearls as the chain with a ribbon and an anchor to hook it.

Just trust me on this, and go check him out pronto

Stay beautiful,