Kanye West X Adidas

Nick Quinn, Junior

One of the biggest stars of the music industry has paired with Adidas to bring a new, military based line to market. The Kanye West X Adidas line is new for the 2015 season.

When you think of Kanye West, the first thing to come to mind is his mind-boggling interruption of Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s, and to be completely honest, his line completely complies with that action.  

Courtesy of donbleek.com

Courtesy of donbleek.com

According to West, he wanted to make something “amazing,” possible. He based his line, entitled “Yeezy: Season 1” off of the London Riots. So basically, real world militarization meets the fantasy world of "The Hunger Games." The looks in his collection featured copious amounts of vests, joggers, and camouflage. TONS of camouflage. In reviewing pictures of the line, my mind went to "The Hunger Games" immediately. Before, it never crossed my mind that this would be something in a fashion show. A bizarre concept, but being honest, I really do like this line. The outfits really work, and the listeners of his music could easily model their daily clothing off of the models displayed by West.  

Although the critics thought that this line was "nothing revolutionary,” I applaud West’s vision of a modern style that is entering the closets of both adults and teens across the nation. It has been said that these looks are an “echo of the past,” but in all reality, isn’t a lot of recent fashion an “echo of the past?” With high-waisted pants, acid washed jeans, along with chokers, and chunky glasses all coming back into style, this day and age appreciates the fashion of our parents and grandparents. Fashion may be constantly evolving, but it also cycles.

Courtesy of businessinsider.com

As icons across the nation, like Kanye West, show off their senses of style to the public, impressionable teenagers and fashion-driven adults rush to the stores to follow in their footsteps. With one of the most-watched stars in Hollywood creating such a down-to-earth look, West’s “Yeezy: Season 1” is something that will catch on in an instant. Look around and see how many people are wearing camouflage, distressed sweaters, and oversized jackets.  These things are growing popular and before long West may start a fashion revolution.