Fashion Fiend of the Month: Claire Going, Prom Queen

Colleen Grablick, Junior
Courtesy of Claire Going

Courtesy of Claire Going

On prom night, every girl wants to feel like a princess. Whether it’s being conquer-the-world confident in her dress or over-the-moon excited to be going with a boy dressed in a dapper tux, the night brings memories for every girl that, hopefully, last a lifetime. For senior Claire Going, her junior prom experience was that of any girl’s dream.

Going and her boyfriend since middle school, Ben Smolinsky, attended Emmaus’ junior prom last year. They fit the James Bond theme perfectly, Smolinsky in his well-fitted suit and Going in her gown with sparkles from head to toe.

Going and Smolinsky on prom night.  Courtesy of Claire Going

Going and Smolinsky on prom night.

Courtesy of Claire Going

Going took an unconventional route when buying her dress. Instead of visiting boutique after boutique, Going bought the dress from a friend she Irish step-dances with.  

“I fell in love with the dress when I saw it on Facebook,” said Going.

When she tried on the dress, and it fit her perfectly, no alterations were needed.

As far as getting ready goes, Going pretty much made a whole day out of the process.

First of all, I slept in (because I believe beauty sleep is a real thing) and between going out and getting my hair done and doing my makeup, I ran right up until the time I took pictures,” said Going.

She headed over to Metro Beauty Academy to have her hair styled. She only paid 15 dollars for a beautiful, Mila Kunis-esque side swept look. Going actually did her own makeup, which she says she spent the most time on out of the entire process.

“I'm pretty sure I spent more time doing my makeup for prom than I did getting my dress,” said Going.  

At the end of the night, Going was shocked when the class officers announced that she and Smolinsky had won king and queen.     

“Our first dance together was a moment that I will never forget, especially when everyone started joining in. It was like dancing with the entire class of '15,” said Going.  
Courtesy of Claire Going

Courtesy of Claire Going

So whether you win prom queen or not, remember to dance, have fun, and feel beautiful. You’re only in high school once, so make the most out of these moments.  Love yourself, and be your own prom queen this spring.