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Falling for Fall Accessories

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Natalie Hakim, Freshman

I know some people struggle with finding nice jewelry or accessories that finish the look they’re trying to achieve, but the new season is the perfect reason to start experimenting with things like cool statement jewelry, fun handbags, and printed scarves (new season, new me???). Statement necklaces are my one true love because they make a simple outfit pop, and they add sparkle against a dark burgundy or olive top. Great places to buy affordable statement necklaces are eBay, Amazon, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21, to name a few. Tortoise statement necklaces are gorgeous and neutral, and they complement many different colors and styles. 

Gold watches are another go-to for an outstanding autumn ensemble (and not to mention perfect in hallway traffic jams when you need to look at the time). They look super chic in combination with a fall color palette. Classic black and gold, for example, is a timeless color combo I particularly admire. 

Scarves are another accessory I couldn't live without (am I right ladies?!). They add a trendy touch to a plain sweater or t-shirt, and you instantly have a warm yet polished outfit that looks like you put effort into, when in reality, you just rolled out of bed. Most stores I shop at sell scarves in every color and print you could ever need! I have been seeing more and more solid scarves against printed tops and they always look great. I love the idea of a subtle top and a print. The timeless scarf and riding boot trend is one I truly love and will probably never get tired of. Overall, scarves are just must-have basics in every wardrobe.

I think we’ve all found ourselves deep in accessorizing day-dreams whilst sitting in math class. My most recent dreams have been full of Coach, Coach, Coach. I am loving their fall line and saw some beautiful handbags in dark green, plum, and nude (the basic fall color scheme). They are absolutely beautiful and I can’t stop thinking about them. If handbags aren't your thing, get a cool colored wristlet or cross-body bag, with just enough room for money, lip gloss, and your phone (you know, the essentials). If Coach isn’t your thing, Forever 21 and Marshall's (on a good day) have really cute purses and cross bodies in fall colors for really affordable prices.

 I hope this gave you some ideas for fall accessorizing! Good luck! XOXO.