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Chill Trends for Chilly Concerts

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Caitlin Sexton

I know from personal experience that finding the perfect outfit for a concert can be a daunting task. First, you have to decide what kind of look to go for: the screaming fangirl with a homemade t-shirt? or the stylish and cool fan? Then, try to factor in weather and you’ll quickly find yourself with the ultimate floordrobe. But here’s the inside scoop: you can have both, and I’ll teach you with just three simple tips.

1. Check the Weather!

The weather in the fall can be very unpredictable; the whole "one minute it’s raining cats and dogs and the next there’s not a cloud in sight" deal. Make sure to have a light jacket or sweater (since it’s not quite winter yet), and shoes you are comfortable getting wet or dirty. Here, I chose my white Converse high tops that add just enough spunk to my outfit while still being comfortable. White may not seem like a practical color with the possibility of mud puddles or dirty trash to step in, but just throw these canvas shoes into the washer with stain remover and voila! They look brand new (BTW: if you like the lived-in look, then yay! less laundry for you!). I also added a light mixed fabric denim jacket that keeps me both warm and looking cute.

2. Layer It Up!

Another important thing to think about when going to a fall concert is layering. You can’t appreciate the crisp fall air as much when you’re wearing the previous summer’s trendy muscle tee and short shorts. To keep the balance between freezing your butt off outside the venue and passing out from heat stroke when dancing, consider layering from head-to-toe. Here, I’ve taken the jacket I previously mentioned and paired it over a short-sleeved concert tee (yes, you can make them look stylish!). I could easily take the jacket off and tie it around my waist if I become too hot from dancing, singing, and being around a massive amount of people. I also paired a pair of black, opaque tights under my simple black skater skirt to give me some extra warmth, but not too much.

3. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

Comfort is your key to a fun experience while at a concert. Don’t wear your tightest pair of skinny jeans (even if they’re so cute), if you’re going to be dancing and walking all night. I suggest sticking to fabrics such as cotton, that you know are going to provide the most comfort. Oh, and a little tip: if you decide to wear a skirt like me, wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath to avoid a flashing hazard.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of other ways to use these tips to come up with many different outfits for your fall concert or any other event!

Find My Outfit!

T-Shirt: Ed Sheeran concert tee (I bought it over a year ago)

Jacket: Kohl's

Skirt: Delia’s (You could easily find one at Forever 21 for about $5)

Tights: Not sure but you can buy tights just about anywhere

Converse: Journeys

Necklace: I bought it from a small stand at Mayfair (local fair)