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DON'T: Do Anything Else Until You've Read These Fall Fashion Tips

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Maria Dimou, Sophomore

You’re in your closet trying your darndest to put together an outfit at the crack of dawn but you don’t know if what you’ve so artfully pulled together last minute its still "in." I’ve been there. 

Instead of panicking, picking up the phone and Facetiming your best friend to see if your outfit is acceptable (or social suicide), take a deep breath and pick up this handy guide for the Do’s and Don'ts of Fall Fashion 2014.

DO: Pair Pretty Patterns
Ever look into a magazine and see a model wearing what seems like a hundred different patterns in one look and somehow totally pulling it off? That could be you! To make this outfit hallway-ready (#EHStyle anyone?), put only two patterns together--like stripes and polka dots or stripes and floral. If done correctly, this tricky trend is a definite yes for fall.

DO: Don Dark Hues
Deep colors are a staple every autumn. Black and white are always a must, but don’t be afraid to add some color. I recommend incorporating colors like darker reds and oranges, nudes, grays, greens, and darker blues. 

DO: Layer, Layer, Layer! 
This has never really gone out of style, but it is great for integrating some of those summer pieces you don't want to put away just yet. Take a flannel, for example, and wear it with your favorite cropped t-shirt, high waisted shorts, and some tights underneath. Pair it with Converse, Vans, or combat boots and you're golden! 

DON’T: Be An Outfit Repeater! (Lizzie McGuire... No?)
While we love recycling outfits, wearing the same American Eagle skinny jeans everyday and hoping no one notices is definitely a no-go. You can avoid this style sin by switching up some of your favorite pieces and making a whole new outfit while still including some of your essentials. 

DON’T: Wear Neon... Just No.
You should stay away from neon colors this fall. I'm not saying you can never wear them, but it’s best to save them for the spring and summer months.

DON’T: Take This How-To Too Seriously
Whatever it is you love to wear, wear it. Style comes down to one thing: individuality. Wear whatever makes you happy. Like Rachel Zoe said "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."