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Bundle Up like Upper East Side Royalty

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Natalie Hakim

Gossip Girl... count me obsessed. A main factor on the show that sparked my obsession was the impeccable fashion sense of Serena and Blair. Serena pulled off any boho ensemble and Blair’s effortless classic/preppy look was to die for! Here’s how to dress like them: 


Serena wore a lot of trench coats, skirts, tights and boots on the show. Skip the Uggs and Northface and try wearing an autumnal pencil skirt (in burgundy, olive, etc), a pair of tights for warmth, riding boots, and a long coat like Serena’s. I adore this look; it's very fashion-forward and perfect for chilly shopping days in the city! You can add a pair of nude or black pumps if you want to feel more daring or for a special event. 


There are some people who like Blair's style more because of it's classic schoolgirl look. If you want dress like Queen B (obviously very different from Queen Bey, but still ***Flawless), plaid is a must: plaid skirts, plaid coats, plaid scarves, and even plaid silk!

Plaid, tights and oxfords, that's all you need. BTW, Blair hardly ever wore pants, so if your goal is to dress like her, prepare to part with your pants for a while.

Whatever you do, make sure you're fit for a day in New York with your bff's, S & B.