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Apps for A-Plus Ensembles

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Nicole Neith, Freshman

You stand in front of your closet muttering the same sentence you do every day: "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR." Don't stress! You have more clothing than you realize. But you must admit, this would be the most opportune time for a fairy godmother. Fairy godmothers are few and far between, but we have the next best thing: an app. Several actually. These apps can help you put together the cutest and most fashionable outfits using the clothing you have right in your closet.

5.  StyleIt

You just bought the most gorgeous skirt, and you can’t wait to wear it to school, when you realize, you don’t have anything wear with it. If only there was an app that could put together an outfit for you... oh wait! There is.

Take a picture of the item that you want the outfit to revolve around, then upload the picture into the app, Once uploaded, you identify the item as a shirt, dress, skirt, etc. Once identified, the app will automatically put together five different outfits for you using your item.

4. The Hunt

Okay, so how many times of you seen the absolute cutest pair of shoes online, only to realize there is no link to buy them? You have two options. Option A is to do hours of research searching to find these pair of shoes and possibly never finding them. Option B: post the picture on The Hunt and have other people find them for you.

All you do is upload a picture of the item that you are trying to find, followed by a short description on the item. Then, once its posted, just wait for the results to pour in.

3. Ootd (outfit of the day)

You have so much clothing, but the issue is, you constantly wear the same outfits over and over again. You need some inspiration, and this is exactly what this app is for.

Ootd is basically like Instagram for outfits. You can follow people, search different hashtags, and upload outfits of your own. You can follow trends from around the world, as well as trends right outside your door. This is the go-to app for outfit inspiration.

2. Fashion Freax Street Style

When looking at outfit inspirations, it might be nice to know where to get half the items you see. Well, now you can.
Fashion Freax Street Style not only does show you cute outfit ideas, it also shows you where to get all the items in the outfit with a simple touch!

1. StyleBook

I’m sure we have all at one point declared that we had nothing to wear, when in fact; we have more than we know what to do with. The issue is, you just can’t see everything you own. With Stylebook, your closet is at your fingertips… literally.

All you do is take a picture of every item in your closet, and sort it into categories such as skirts, dresses, etc. Once all sorted out, you can put together your own outfits, and even keep a calendar of all the outfits you have worn! You will never have to worry about not having anything to wear again.

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