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Accessory Necessities

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Zainab Abdulrahman, Senior

It can be hard to decide how to wear our fave fall and winter outfits with some accessories because the possibilities are endless. There are a couple ways to wear cardigans with belts and scarves that are particularly great.

During winter it’s hard to wear dresses but layering makes it easier! For example, take a beautiful maroon dress with a black cardigan on top with belt around the cardigan (yes around the cardigan). This simple addition makes the ensemble look a little more formal (and it gives you a waist!).

Outfit number 2! It’s a lazy day, but you want to look cute. Hello! This is what accessories are for! A simple long necklace can help to dress a tee and make it look cute and stylish.

Scarves are so important in winter. This scarf is from Deb and has a really sweet bicycle print. You can wear neutral, muted scarves with many different outfits since the color is so universal.