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A Case for Layering Socks

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Nina Rowan, Senior
Courtesy of Nina Rowan

Courtesy of Nina Rowan

It was a typical winter school day in Emmaus, PA-- up and at 'em at the buttcrack of dawn, I was contemplating the icy commute and, more importantly, that day's wardrobe. Crafting an ensemble is always problematic around this time due to the fact that I'm anticipating a day of battling the subzero hallway temperatures (library hallway locker-dwellers, ya feel?) whilst adapting to +80 degree classrooms. As if a bipolar school environment wasn't challenge enough, I find myself trying to incorporate a personality into the imminent disaster that day in and day out rears its poorly-dressed head, clad in shapeless hoodies, bland t-shirts, and ubiquitous black leggings. 

Upon picking out a too-small maroon hoodie and nearly accepting defeat after only a week or so of winter weather, I realized my outfit was missing one key detail (besides originality): socks. What happened next? I threw on two pairs of socks and, just like that, a new trend was born? Haha, NOPE. I was running late and didn't have time for creativity and experimentation, first period English was much more important than that of course... sorry DiDona.

However, socks did get me thinking on my drive to school; what would happen if I wore 4 socks at the same time? Surely, the effect would be earth-shattering. I mean, do you guys remember when EHS basketball boys did that for, like, a month a couple years ago? The ridicule they received (mostly from me... inside my head) surely wasn't promising.

But wait, isn't that the point of fashion? Evolution? Creativity? Originality? Intrigue?


So for winter 2015, you should all be layering... socks? Yep. In fact, I suggest you continue to do so during the spring with sandals and wedges for added dramatic affect (disclaimer: I am hereby not responsible for any increase in cases of foot fungus or excessive sweating below the ankle). 

Here are the reasons why you need to be wearing at least four socks at once at any given time (hell, go for six; you're young and wild and free, damn it):

  1. To be cozy, duh.
  2. To look cozy. 
  3. Because it's cool.
  4. Because I said so.