The Day of Love...for Makeup

Rosa Amato, Sophomore

Valentine's Day, the day of love. Now whether you're planning on staying home, going out with your girlfriends, going on a date with that special someone, or just absolutely boycotting this holiday all together, I’ve still got a look for you. Here are four V-day options for you to play around with.

Staying home

Plan on having a hot date with your TV and couch this V-day watching Netflix? Don't be ashamed, I'm right there with ya. I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone to see me without even the slightest bit of makeup on, my couch included. So if this is you my advice-- keep it simple. Put on the slightest bit of foundation or a BB cream to help with any redness and then add a little pinky blush. Next add a shimmery white shadow, apply some mascara, fix up those eyebrows, and done! (But always remember: your couch will love you no matter what you look like.)

Date night

Have a special someone this year? Don't know what look to wear for these dates? I got you covered! If you're going out, to me it's always go big or go home. Put on your foundation and concealer, highlight, contour, and apply blush. Add a white base on your eyelids and put a deep brown with shimmer in your crease, line your eyes with a black liner, and apply your fave mascara. Add a pink lip or cherry red and voila!  Perfect date night look.


Spending V-day with some other single ladies? If so, you can all get together to do each other's makeup and have fun with it! You can base it off the date night idea and give or take as you please. Change the lip colors, don't apply highlighter, whatever you and your girls’ hearts desire. Enjoy your night girl, you’re lookin’ 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anti-Valentine's Day

Believe that this holiday was a ploy by marketers to sell candy and flowers at ridiculous prices and plan on ignoring the hype entirely? Plan on staying home alone and being with you, yourself, and, well, you? (This look is arguable the best one there is.) Apply your normal face makeup and add a rosy blush. Create a really dark smokey eye using shadows in greys and blacks and add some black eyeliner! Apply some intense fake lashes and add a very dark berry lip and congratulations my friend, you’re heart is unbreakable.

[Editor’s Note: Diva by Mac is the best red out there. Wear it with pride.]

Photo Courtesy of
Diva - Mac Cosmetics, $16.