Short Hair, Don't Care (after weeks of agonizing indecision)

Liz Kleppinger, Freshman

I spent my summer months staring at countless Tumblr posts and Instagram pics of girls with short hair; thinking and overthinking about that cropped cut. School was starting again (sigh), but that did mean school shopping (yay!). This year was my first year of high school, which was a big change, but there was also a change in my personality. My appearance wansn’t reflecting that.

It needed an update. 

Two months into the school year I finally made the appointment, and at that point there was no turning back. No more overthinking. I was getting my hair cut. I had long hair all my life but it just wasn’t me anymore, so I got it chopped. Eight inches and layers. Gone. And a pile of hair lying on the floor to prove it.

I know what you’re thinking: “she must be crazy!” Trust me, it was not a spontaneous or easy decision. I thought it through and was sure this was what I wanted (but it still scared me a little hearing the scissors snip through my hair). We put all this trust into our hair stylists and pray that they do exactly as we want, but what if it turns out badly? 

I quickly thought of all the things I could do with it if my hair ended up...less than ideal; like messy-bunning it or fishtail-braiding it. Oh wait, I no longer had my lengthy locks.

Never before had I had to style short hair, so this was a crazy change to my routine. However, I’m finding shorter hair is rather easy to work with. It’s also sort of fun to play around and find new styles, like adding a few curls to add dramatic volume, or master the messy look with a little bit of texturizing gel. You can even put short hair up! It just takes a few more bobby pins and a bit of creativity.  

The Transformation

Courtesy of Liz Kleppinger