Rockin' Red on V-Day

Lindsay Harner, Junior

You can catch me wearing red lipstick at any given time-- at formal events, school, out to eat, maybe even at home taking a selfie. Basically, I love red lipstick for any occasion. I realize that this classic color isn't necessarily everyone else’s go-to, so I’m here to convince you why red lipstick is the perfect accessory for (at least) your Valentine’s Day date-night or GNO (girl’s night out).

  1. Red lipstick makes every girl look bold and confident.  
  2. It’s festive. After all, red is the color of love.  
  3. No boyfriend? No problem. You won’t have to worry about kissing your boyfriend and the lipstick rubbing off on him.
  4. Boyfriend? Still no problem. In this case you CAN kiss him with your scarlet lips, that way you can mark your territory. ;)
  5. The perfect red is out there for everyone. If you have cool undertones, try lipsticks with blueish-red hues. If you have warm undertones, go for lipsticks that have an orangish-coral tint. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE can pull off a bold wine lip.
  6. You can channel your inner celebrity who rocks red lips-- whether that’s Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, or Lana del Rey. 
  7. Red lipstick is fun to apply and experiment with.  You can outline your cupid’s bow a little more dramatically, as frequently evidenced by Kylie Jenner, or your lower lip for a pouty look.
  8. Red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter, so both your lips and teeth will look crisp, polished, and amazing.
  9. Since red lipstick is so dramatic, you can go easier on the eye makeup, AKA less time spent getting ready when you’re already running late for your V-Day date. I love pairing red lips with nothing on my eyes but simple black winged eyeliner.  
  10. If you’re feeling your outfit for the big night out is lacking, red lips will immediately dress it up.

Overall, wearing red lipstick is fun and the wearer immediately exudes confidence and beauty. Rock the red with pride. XOXO